Introduction to Green PEA

The Green Positive Environmental Action (PEA) scheme helps businesses save money by becoming more energy efficient. It also contributes towards reducing carbon emissions in local areas. It is a FREE voluntary business certification initiative, designed to encourage organisations to understand and review energy costs, and then undertake activities in line with expert recommendations to reduce them.

How does it work?

Companies undergo a survey on their energy usage to provide a benchmark. This analysis will also include recommendations for improvements. Organisations can then work through a number of levels within the scheme achieving milestones and accreditations. Help and support is available from your Local Authority who manage the scheme, and many associated experts in the field of green energy conservation.

Case Studies

Norco Holdings Ltd –  Norco Holdings manufactures composite and GRP structures. Their energy usage is significant and so taking advantage of what Green PEA can offer has resulted in a measurable saving in energy costs. The biggest change for Norco has been in repl read more

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  • What is Green PEA
  • Levels of Certification
  • Benefits

The Green PEA scheme is an innovative certification scheme with an emphasis on companies taking a proactive approach to reducing their carbon emissions. At all levels of the scheme there is an expectation of company buy-in, at a management level. Companies are required to commit to achieving their targets within a flexible designated timeframe, as agreed between all parties. Services are offered by Delivery Partners, who are all specialists in their field. Green PEA members receive certificates charting their progress through the scheme and benefit from PR and networking at regular member events. Any Local Authority can implement a Green PEA scheme by purchasing a licence, which allows the Local Authority to use the Green PEA branding and gain advice and support when setting up their scheme. Local Authorities can use their own delivery partners or utilise our experts to implement their scheme.

P1 Foundation – Companies receive an energy usage survey with recommendations and milestones. A letter of support from the senior management team is expected, target timescale: 3-4 months

P2 Improved – Companies asked to achieve at least 2 recommendations from benchmark study, target timescale: 6 months (depending upon type of business)

P3 Advanced – to achieve at least 5 recommendations or demonstrate qualified level of staff engagement, target timescale: 9 months

P4 Distinguished – to demonstrate 10% saving in direct carbon emissions, target timescale: 12-18 months

P5 Excellence – to demonstrate 20% saving in direct carbon emissions and introduction of at least one renewable technology, target timescale: 2 years

Green PEA membership offers you the following benefits for your business:

– Reduced utility bills and telecoms costs.

– Free energy cost analysis, to identify both direct and indirect savings.

– Fulfilment of Corporate Social Responsibility, leading to both direct and indirect benefits.

– Employee motivation leading to increased productivity

– PR opportunities via involvement in the scheme and through your Local Authority and local Chamber of Commerce.

– Active involvement in raising community spirit

– Trailblazing image within your business community.

We were introduced to Green PEA a few months ago, and we have already made some significant steps forward with our green technologies. We fully accept that manufacturing composites is inherently not the most environmentally-friendly activity, so anything we can do to offset this is very welcome. The Green PEA delivery partners we have used have been very helpful and we are very keen to continue supporting the scheme in the future”

Mark Northey,            Norco Composites Mark Northey, Norco Composites