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Hadland Care Group

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Caring for people across their life is our passion and by working on reducing our energy usage and carbon footprint we can ensure a better, more sustainable world for the people in our care and their families.

We signed up with Green PEA who supplied us with a free assessment of our energy usage.  From the survey we have been able to make the following changes:

  • Encourage our employees to live by our slogan If you’re not using it…please turn it off.
  • We have fitted fuel-saving magnets to every gas boiler and water main, which are designed to make gas burn more efficiently and reduce limescale.
  • Our printers now defaulted to black and white instead of colour, and programmed to go to sleep quicker.
  • Across Tops Day Nurseries, the heating controls have been changed to go on one hour before the nurseries open, and off one hour before they close, with the thermostat between 19-21 degrees.
  • The nurseries and Head Office have been equipped with a timer for their water cooler, as well as an additional timer to use as they see fit on another piece of equipment.
  • The vending machine is on a timer, which has already reduced energy consumption from 168 hours per week to 50 hours.
  • We have signed up to The Business Travel Network and currently taking part in a survey to investigate Sustainable Transport alternatives for staff.

With savings being made from these changes we are able to reinvest towards our next steps, including:

  • Installing occupancy and daylight sensors
  • Change from fluorescent to LED light bulbs
  • Install more time clocks and thermostats
  • Fit draught excluders
  • Encourage our employees to take up the Cycle To Work scheme,
  • Replace outdated equipment with more energy efficient and cost effective equivalents

“We decided to sign up to Green PEA as it showed us an excellent path and added structure to our existing plans to improve our energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint.  We are currently on our third PEA and have many more plans to gain the next two!” 

Cheryl Hadland, Hadland Care Group Managing Director (April 2016)

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