EMA Award Success

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Paul Cooling, Vaishni Patel and Graham Smith, Green PEA Team

Paul Cooling, Vaishni Patel and Graham Smith, Green PEA Team

Green PEA has been awarded Highly Commended in the 2016 EMA Awards. The scheme narrowly missed out on the overall award to the National Trust in the category “Energy Reduction Project through Organisational Behaviour Change”.

The Energy Management Association (EMA) awards are held annually, in conjunction with The Energy Managers Exhibition, to celebrate inspirational individuals and projects within the energy management sector. Besides the National Trust, other companies recognised this year included Honeywell, Hilton Hotels and Tata Consultancy Services.

The awards were set up by Lord Redesdale in June 2012 to act as the voice of the Energy Management profession. They have grown since their inception and are now established as one of the major nationally recognised schemes surrounding the recognition of excellence in the Energy Management Sector. 2016 saw a record number of nominations.

Paul Cooling, Chair of the Green PEA scheme said:

 “It is a great achievement for the Green PEA scheme to be recognised for this award. It has given the scheme the national recognition needed to develop on a pan-Dorset basis as well as highlighted the importance of the scheme in terms of its benefit to the local green economy and environment. This growing success for the Green PEA could not exist without the continued support of its delivery partners and members and this award is testament to their hard work and support.”

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