Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics

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Environmental protection has always been one of Lush’s core values. However, as the company has grown dramatically over the last few years, it has become increasingly difficult to manage their environmental impact. Work done at Lush under the Green PEA scheme includes a water survey of their UK stores and an air leak survey of their manufacturing sites, looking for compressed air leaks.


The benefits enjoyed by Lush include an introduction to local experts in various fields who can aid them on their path to sustainability. Through Green PEA they have also been able to network with local businesses and share any success stories and tips, and experts they have worked with through the scheme have highlighted areas they may otherwise have not addressed, and showed Lush where they are succeeding and where they can make improvements.


Lush are continuing to work with other business partners through Green PEA and have many plans for the future.


Beccy Wakeford, from Lush, commented: “Green PEA has given us the opportunity to work with local experts who have provided advice and assistance in order to reduce both our energy consumption and environmental impact throughout the company. We are really grateful for what has been achieved so far through Green PEA and look forward to continuing to work with the Green PEA partners on future projects.

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