The FJB Hotel Group

The FJB Hotel Group

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The FJB group spends over £500k per annum on gas, electricity and water and so it was imperative the company was getting the very best deal available. Under Green PEA the Group has reduced its utility bills by between 6% and 14% across its four hotels. Each of the hotels have achieved this in different ways such as:


  • Replaced boilers with more efficient ones with a capital repayment of approx. 4 years
  • Replaced all traditional light bulbs with low energy alternatives (this includes dimmable ones which have just become an economic alternative)
  • When replacing fridges they are insisting on the highest energy efficient ones that are available on the market
  • New large dishwashers must have a cold water fill option
  • Old patio heaters have been replaced with the most energy efficient ones on the market that produce more direct heat onto the customer
  • Guests have been asked to re-use towels for a second day to reduce the amount of electricity used in off-site laundries.
  • Water monitoring has started in the Haven and Sandbanks to ensure the swimming pools are retaining the highest percentage of water possible
  • Where they have indoor pools they have reduced the water temperature by 2 degrees


The benefits to FJB of belonging to Green PEA include sharing best practice with other members and by including the fact they are part of Green PEA when quoting for conference business from large national companies, who often require evidence of their environmental policy.


John Butterworth, Managing Director of FJB, claims “taking responsibility for our environmental impact is a fundamental cornerstone in the ethos of FJB Hotels. Working with Green PEA has enabled the company to achieve much higher energy efficiency with a significantly lower impact to our environment.

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