Dolphin Indoor Bowls

Dolphin Indoor Bowls

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The Dolphin Indoor Bowls Club has used conventional lighting, mostly using different lengths of fluorescent tubes, since its inception in 1985., However their energy bills were growing and needed to be addressed. Through Green PEA they were put in touch with ESL (Energy Saving Lighting) who installed LED lighting throughout the club. This resulted in the club having 129 less units in the Club, each of which using less electricity to supply the same level of lighting within the whole Club.


The most significant benefit for the club is in saving cost over the lifetime of the bowling rinks. The conventional fluorescent tubes (58W) cost approx. 20p per hour per rink whereas the new LED tubes (28W) cost approx. 12p per hour per rink. By installing LED lighting, the club will save over £8,800 per annum, resulting in a payback for the project of just 2 years and an anticipated carbon emission savings of nearly 500,000kg over 10 years.


David Porter, from the Bowls Club, stated “the bowlers love the new lights as they completely reduce the shadow effect. The Green PEA has been an invaluable energy saving service for improving our club.

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